5 Things You Should Know About Lutheranism


The Lutheran church is majorly set on the beliefs and teachings of a German friar, theologian and church reformer, Martin Luther. In the world, there are a lot of distinct bodies of the Lutheran church but they all have one thing in common. They all follow the theology of Martin Luther and his reformations of Protestants from the Catholic Church. Lutheranism advocates the justification concept that it is only the bible that has the ultimate authority on matters of faith. Here are five facts that you should know about Lutheranism.

The help from Gutenberg’s printing press

It is true that the reformations of the Protestants would not have happened or could not be effective were it not for the invention of a printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. In the middle ages, most of the books were hand-written in Latin by scribes and they could only be understood by educated people. The invention of this printing press was seen as the reason behind the spread of information. The general population could easily read and understand the teachings of the Bible and knew that Christians should live according to the bible. It helps them disagree with the non-biblical traditions of Catholics.

They believe in justification through faith alone

Martin Luther studied the Bible portions and it is his obsession with Bible reading that led him to realize how corrupt the church was. He also saw how the church had lost vision of the important truths of Christianity. Among the doctrines that he came across, the most important one was justification by faith through the grace of God. He, therefore, began teaching that salvation is a blessing of the grace of God. This is, therefore, a belief that Lutherans uphold up to the present day.

The Augsburg Confession

Lutheranism had their primary confession which was the Augsburg Confession. In the year 1530, the Lutherans were supposed to give their confession of faith in front of the Roman emperor in Augsburg. The confession that was read before the court was written by Philip Melanchthon on June 30, 1530. Since the 16th century, the confession of Augsburg was considered by most people in the denomination to be a basic definition of the meaning of a Lutheran.

Belief in sacraments

With Lutherans, they all believe that there are only two sacraments that defined as rites that have God’s command where the grace’s promise has been added to. The two sacraments are baptism and communion. The Lutherans explain that baptism is crucial for salvation and one receives the grace of God through baptism. On communion, they have teachings that the blood and body of Christ are truly present. They are distributed to those take the supper of the Lord – read article on how did lutheranism spread.

Their faith and Martin Luther doctrines

Lutheranism is a tradition than of Christians that began in the reformation of Protestants. It is a faith that is built upon the doctrines that were articulated by Martin Luther when he attempted to reform the Catholic Church. Martin had his first Lutheran service of worship and it is when he ordained the first minister of the Lutheran church.